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Discovery Kidz Preschool

   “All for Children” 

What is our School?

At Discovery Kidz Preschool, we offer holistic early childhood education and care from 18 months to 6 years 11 months.

We provide a homely and clean environment with a range of both indoor and outdoor activities to facilitate optimal growth and development of your child.

We facilitate learning through both thematic and Montessori approach in our curriculum.


Our Curriculum

Using both Montessori and thematic approach to promote the growth and child’s development needs:

(1) Aesthetics and creative expression
(2) Discovery of the world
(3) Language and Literacy
(4) Motor skills development
(5) Numeracy

At Discovery Kidz Preschool, we also cover Montessori curriculum which are Practical Life, Sensorial Activities, Mathematics, Language and Cultural Activities.

Our Programme

Children learn in many ways and we strive to keep the learning stimulating, creative and enjoyable. Our curriculum provides children with many opportunities and experiences that nurture their natural curiosity. Through participation, they are encouraged to express creativity through music, arts, computers, hands-on activities and field trips to interesting places.

Our Testimonials

Both our kids go to Discovery. Our boy just started this January, and he loves to go to Discovery. The teachers are patient and caring. I am impressed by his progression in language, both English and Chinese. I am happy with the school!

Parent of Daniel Chin Wei De (N1)

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