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Who are we

Director's Note

A warm welcome to Discovery Kidz! Since 2005, thousands of children have graduated from our preschool and we’re proud to say they have thoroughly enjoyed their time with us. We bring world class education to children!

Our mission is “All for Children” while our vision is:

1. Responsible for the physical health of each child.

2. Responsible for the psychological health of each child.

3. Responsible for the behavioral health of each child.


At Discovery Kidz, we provide the best educational start during the early critical period of child development from 18 months to before 7 years – using the proven Montessori Method, curriculum and philosophy. More than that, we also focus on children’s social and emotional development which is supported by professionals from USA.


We strongly believe that a child’s actions can be positively or negatively influenced, and childhood experiences can impact the individual’s future. This belief is supported by childhood psychologists and clinicians who have mentioned that the seeds for violence later in life may be shown in early childhood. Hence, we think that efforts have to begin when a child is young, and one way is to develop social and emotional growth in toddlers in order for them to become confident and resilient individuals. We are an advocate of holistic education and a firm believer that children should acquire social and emotional skills from an early age to lay a good foundation for lifelong mental wellness. We aims to help children develop these skills, as well as enhance personal effectiveness, build positive relationships, adapt to societal challenges, in addition to strengthening their mental health and well-being. We believes that for children to shine daily, they need day-to-day support from parents, teachers and society.

Our teachers have a high regard and responsibility for ensuring that children learn in a safe, caring and positive environment. They embrace a strong philosophy for working and collaborating with parents in establishing positive home-school partnership, as one of the primary catalyst in promoting optimal learning outcomes for children.


It is a great privilege to be entrusted with the education and care of your child. It is a responsibility we take seriously and we are committed to providing a great start to your child’s school life. Please feel free to contact us anytime or stop by for a visit. We would love to have your family join ours and experience the Discovery Kidz difference.


Discovery Kidz Preschool



Teachers' Profile

Discovery Kidz Preschool has a fantastic and energetic team of experienced and qualified teachers who have been working well with preschoolers. They are effective communicators, practiced at being creative and are professional in their approach. Our group of dedicated teachers has taken the role of an educator and friends to both the children and parents. We are always here to assist and work hand in hand with our parents. Since, at Discovery Kidz Preschool, we are incorporating Montessori approached, our teachers are Montessori trained either professionally or by attending the in house Montessori training.

Young Kids in Class
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